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Particles – New Series from Alan Mazzetti

October 13th, 2008

Alan Mazzetti - Particles

Alan Mazzetti is showing his most recent series at the Art People Gallery in San Francisco this month. Read the following to get a feel for Alan's thought processes and inspirations behind Particles.

- – - -

By Alan Mazzetti

I’m very excited about this new series – Particles.  It’s an evolution of the themes I was working with previously: showing changing relationships by depicting matter and energy. Within each painting, you’ll see different relationships between the circles: they’re single and in groups; they change scale; some are flat, some dimensional; some are mathematically precise while others are organic and accidental.

That’s why I use circles as an icon – it’s elemental enough to stay true through these different incarnations. The big difference technically – and visually – is that I previously started with a digital transfer of my circular icon representing matter and energy.  Replacing that is what I call an event – a circle made of smaller circles that suggests a dimensional object and simultaneously a reflective light source.

In addition to the changing relationships within the painting, each one is composed so that you can change the way it hangs.  Every new orientation will emphasize different elements within the piece and change your perception of it. You continue the creative process begun in the studio.

I think one of the most important functions of art is to encourage us – both the artist and the viewer – to see things in new ways.  These paintings are meant to continually change your perspective.

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Visit Alan Mazzetti’s Web site to see more.