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Bonnie Boren

“My work represents mood and environment inspired by personal thought and visual experience. Movement and music are my variables while dramatic landscapes are my constant. They have always played an important part of my visual vocabulary and have become the basis of my current work.

Each piece is a study in composition. I use color and texture to construct the planes of the piece and gestures to give the piece its momentum. I rarely begin a work with an idea in mind. I start by laying out shapes of color. I work the composition by responding to each new line, shape or color until I can view the piece without any one aspect distracting my attention from the whole work.

My hope is that people will enjoy exploring both the overall composition and the smaller qualities within that structure. That each person will find a point of reference that satisfies their creative sense and that they will create their own interpretation of the work.”

– Bonnie Boren


  • Mustard Field from Bonnie Boren
  • Ruins by Bonnie Boren
  • Dock by Bonnie Boren
  • Doodles from Bonnie Boren
  • Windows by Bonnie Boren