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The two artsy people behind HaveMuse are the artist, Corrine and the designer, Shook. We have spent most of our lives obsessed by the visual. With a love of the arts and a deep passion for design, we come across many artistic and creative materials in our day to day lives that inspire and feed our souls.

We are attracted to a wide variety of visuals, from cool, cutting edge creations to vintage collections to digital art. Each unique pieces tell its own story and left us wondering, what’s next. So, we decided to create this virtual space to let the inspiration flow…

What’s it all about…

HaveMuse welcomes submissions from artists, designers, art galleries, artsy manufacturers and artsy stores. We showcase anything related to art and crafts, cool and neat things, nice photographs, and most anything goes… so, please feel free to submit your artwork to us for consideration to include on our Web site.

To submit your art, please send an email to provide the following information:

- Digital image/images of your creations
- Web site address so we can explore more, if any
- Contact information
- How and where people can buy your art, including stores, galleries, or online stores

HaveMuse reserves the right to decide what contents to feature on our Web site. We do not sell or distribute any of the goodies shown on this site.

Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.

Let’s keep it flowing…

Share the Muse – info@havemuse.com