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Archive for June 2008

More from Thea Schrack Photography


Magnolia, encaustic photographs, by Thea Schrack
The Magnolias series captures the beauty of spring. Look at the different depth of fields in each piece as if we are viewing the blooming season through a camera view finder. Simply divine.

Sunday, June 29th, 2008


Color, Texture and Shape

Wine Foil 42

Wine Foil #42: bold / pear / tangerine
18"x18", mixed media on panel, by Alan Mazzetti

While experimenting with with wine foils as a collage device, Alan Mazzetti found a compositional anchor for his free flowing abstract paintings. The wine reference also fits his explorations of color and texture; the awakening of the senses to scent, taste and feel.

Visit Alan Mazzetti's Web site to see more.

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008


Giving Voice to the Wildness

Fresco 1

Ephemera Series by Susan Friedman

top: Crows
bottom: Fresco 1

With a BA in Literature, a MFA in Film and Photography, and her background as an award winning documentary filmmaker, Susan Friedman brings a varied sensibility to her photography-based artworks. She has experimented with alternative techniques – combining photography, encaustic and book making. Walking into her open studio exhibit this past spring, we were taken with images from her Ephemera series of birds, nests and eggs. Equally impressive are her recent, poetic photographs of horses and the exquisite book she has produced from the series "Equus." Quoting from her Web site, "It is about our spirit and our sense of wildness through the image of the Horse."

Be sure to visit Susan’s Web site to see more of the Ephemera series, her Equus series of horses, and other intriguing works.

Monday, June 9th, 2008


Random Thoughts from Audrey Welch

Random Thoughts from Audrey Welch

Random Thought #420 & 421
8" x 20" (2 panels), spray paint, paper & resin

“The Random Thoughts series introduces collage, spray painting, stenciling, and resin into my repertoire of techniques.

I start with printed papers, combining different patterns together, to form an attractive mix. Using stencils, I add another visual layer by spray painting graphic shapes, on top of the paper. Lastly, I pour a thick coat of resin over the top to get a protective layer that almost looks like glass.” Audrey Welch.

Visit Audrey’s Web site at www.audreywelch.com to see more.

Sunday, June 8th, 2008


Spontaneous Approach by Ellen Markoff

Monoprinting1 left: Aspects of Rhythm
right: Breath of Life
Original Monotype. Paper Size: 22" x 30". Image Size: 18" x 24"

Ellen Markoff — a printmaker who lives and works in San Francisco, sees monoprinting as a pure expression of emotion. For Markoff, the monoprint process lends itself to a spontaneous approach, creating a beautiful surprise at the end.


left: Celadon Forest
right: Tangerine Dream
Original Monotype. Paper Size: 22" x 30". Image Size: 18" x 24

Visit Ellen Markoff‘s Web site to see more.

Sunday, June 1st, 2008